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School Policy:

• * Tuitions payment instruction %40 is paid in cash a head at Registration 30% in case of Registration two or more children.
* Full Tuition payment is requited to hand out books & uniform.
* In case of online Registration, fees & Tuitions should be paid in five days in order no to loose Registration which will be cancelled automatically.
* Parent will be contacted after filling the form for an interview placement test "2nd-10th" grade.
* Filling Registration form does not confirm Registration.
* School has its own policy for accepting students.

- "Withdrawal Policy:"
* Before Apr. 30th: school must be informed by a written note so that 25% will be deducted from tuition fees.
* After Apr. 30th: Tuition fees are non-Refundable.
* Transportation fees are non-refundable after two week from payment.
Tuition fees are not transferred from one student to another.